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It was the last half of the 19th Centaury and the spirit of 'Nationalism' soar high the people of India. The medical fraternity was equally charged with the fervor of Nationalism.


In 1886, Dr. Radha Gobinda Kar returned from the UK.He convened a meeting on 18th October 1886 to establish a Medical School separate from the official institutions under the British rulers. It was attended by the then stalwarts like Dr. Mahendranath Benerjee, Dr Akshoy Kumar Dutta, Dr Bipin Behari Moitra, Dr.M.l.De, Dr. B.G.Banerjee, Dr. Kunda Bhattachayra and many others.


In the same year, Calcutta Medical School came into existence. Later, it merged with  another nationalist organization' College of Physicians and Surgeons of Bengal ' and the  Belgachia Medical College ' came into being in 1916. it was inaugurated by the then Governor of Bengal Lord Carmichael with its first batch of 48 students. After the demise of Dr. Radh Govinda Kar, the College was named after him. 


The Ex-students' Association was formed in 1932 and the first Re-union took place under the  presidency of Prafulla Bhusan Basu.

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