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Current Office Bearers



Dr Pradip Pramanik

This is 43rd reunion of R. G. Kar Medical College Ex-students Association in the UK and this is the 2nd time Esita and myself are organising the reunion.

Our reunion has always been a special event for our wonderful fellow-feelings; this year will hopefully be the same.

Executive members are working hard and we have a very good co-operation from the advisory committee. We believe this reunion will be enjoyable.

I am pleased to announce that members have been very generous to sponsor different events of the reunion. My sincere thanks to all of them. On a sad note, we have lost few of our members; we present their obituaries in this brochure.

Finally, I thank my wife Esita for her continued support.

 Long live our Alma Mater.

Sonali Guha,

  It has been a pleasure to be the treasurer of RGKMC Reunion Committee .It’s time for another year of celebration on September 4th-6th in Doncaster.  The arrangements have been finalised and we are very certain that it will be a great success.  My heartiest thanks to Dr Pradip Pramanik and Mrs Esita Pramanik for their hard work to arrange this for us.  . Congratulations to Dr Sankar Sinha, Dr Bidisha Sinha and their family members to arrange a Grand Reunion last year. My special thanks to you all who had been, over years, steadily donating to our funds to make it viable and thriving

See you all in Holiday Inn, Doncaster.

Dr Pijush Das

On behalf of myself as your secretary, and this year’s conveners Dr. Pradip Pramanik and his wife Mrs Esita Pramanik, I would like to warmly welcome you and your family to the 43rd R G Kar Reunion, at Doncaster Holiday Inn. We are so very grateful to our conveners this year for working so hard to organise this year’s event.

The reunion last year was a wonderful success, as it is every year, which I hope you all believe as well. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed yourselves and thank you to all committee members involved in making the event excellent.  

I would also like to offer my condolences to the families of the members we lost this year, and these losses truly sadden me. 

Once again, I would like to thank you for your support and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Long live our Alma Mater.

Dr Kamal Ojha,
Social & Scientific Secretary      


Pradip Pramanik &
Esita Pramanik,
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