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Our Reunion – Down the Memory Lane 


I after discussing with Kamal, our brochure editor, thought it would be interesting now to travel down memory lane, to find out how and when this Reunion started and how it developed slowly but steadily during the formative years to attract more and more of our Ex- students to muster our Associations wing to celebrate this wonderful occasion every year.


Some Ex students of R G Kar Medical College residing in Northwest of England( Biswanath Ghosh, Arun Day, Asimes Chakrabarty, Bibhat Mandal, Salil Ghosh and Amaresh Chatterjea ) conceived this  novel idea towards the early part of 1973. We realised from the outset that that the task would be difficult to accomplish, but the sheer urge to meet our friends residing in different parts of this country and to spend some enjoyable time with them by reminiscences if our college days, drove us with full speed towards this goal.


We understood that the first task would be to prepare the list of the names and addresses of our Ex students residing in this country.  This was achieved partly from our personal knowledge but mainly by collecting from the medical directory published by the GMC. As this was being prepared the next job was contacting them over the phone or by post to let them know of our objective and asking for their response. To our satisfaction we found the response was very encouraging. Thus the objective of Reunion of the Ex Students of R G Kar Medical College, Calcutta crystallized. The first Reunion was held on 13th of October 1973, at St Aidan’s Church Hall, Rochdale, Lancashire.


1973 – First Reunion -- Held in St Aidan’s Church Hall Rochdale


1974 – Second Reunion – Held in Parish Church Hall, Oldham


1975 – Third Reunion – Held in Ealing Town Hall, London


1976 – Fourth Reunion – Held in YWCA Hall in Birmingham


The above four events were organized on a half day basis starting on a Saturday afternoon and finishing off at midnight.


The details of the members present, the fees they paid, the balance we had after the reunion were submitted in a printed sheet separately a copy of which is published in this brochure. The wives of our ex-student took active interest in our Reunion and encouraged us in all our endeavours and we were extremely grateful to them. In the first Reunion they cooked delicious meals, which was served to members and guest attending the Reunion.


Our third Reunion was held in London and was organized by Late Sisir Datta. Sisir took an active interest and showed a lot of enthusiasm to hold the Reunion in London. But some trouble started towards the later part of the evening and very sadly the Reunion ended in a fiasco. Sisir never submitted any claim for expenses and the Association did not pay him anything.


Our fifth Reunion was held in Gautock Hotel, in Gourock, in Scotland organized by Bijoy Burman-Roy. Bijoy first conceived the idea of holding the Reunion over the weekend (From Friday mid- afternoon to Sunday mid-morning). We enjoyed this weekend in Scotland so much that the practice of having the Reunion over the weekend was warmly accepted by the members ever since. 


The Reunion organised during the formative years were simple but very enjoyable. We spent the time mostly by gossiping with friends, remembering the old days spent in our college in Kolkata. We the founder members who are alive today are very proud to observe the grand and lavish way the Reunions are being organised at present.


I will be failing in my duties if I do not mention the names of two very senior ex-students who were present in our first Reunion and took active interest in the affairs of our Association and the Reunion. They are Late Prafulla Choudhuri and Late Chitta Das. Profullada presided over our first Reunion meeting in Rochdale. Chittada conceived the idea of having a President’s Medallion. We liked this idea and the following members ( Late Profulla Choudhury, Late Chitta Das, Late Asimes Chakrabarty, Amares Chatterjea, Salil Ghosh, Bibhat Mandal and Arun Day. This group is popularly known as the ‘Magnificient Seven’ of the association - photograph) paid for the medallion and donated to the Association for the president to wear while conducting his duties during the Reunion.


I would also like to mention the name of Late Benoy Banerjea, who was the main architect of the Overseas Reunion ( 1997 – Taj Bengal, Kolkata and 2000 – Roosevelt Hotel , Hollywood, USA ) Benoy was ably supported by Sukanti Tarafdar and Amitava Banerjea(USA) Benoy’s Zeal and enthusiasm for organizing overseas Reunion will always be appreciated by us.


Asit and Santa Kar organised our Reunion 2003 – on a P.O. Cruise ( Hull to Zebrugge and Back to Hull). This novel idea of having our Reunion on a ship was greatly appreciated by us and I thank them for the same.


This year a plate in memory of Dr Profulla Chowdhury bearing the names of all our ex-convenors will be presented to the present convenors in this reunion. Drs Renuka & Kamal Samanta donated this memorial plate on behalf of our association. I extend my sincere thanks to them.


Before I end I would like to mention the name of my personal and a very close friend of Late Asimes Chakrabarti. Asim was Founder Secretary of our Association and loved our association passionately. During the formative years he guided our Association so that it may flourish vigoursly and the Reunion become more and more enjoyable over the passing years. He will be very sadly missed in the Reunion.


Finally I would like to remind you that we are the pioneers to organize a Reunion of the ex-student of a Medical College in Kolkata in this country. I believe that most probably we are the first amongst all the medical college in India to organize Reunion of the ex-students in this country. This is a remarkable event for which we should all be very proud of and the credit sustain over the last 40 years goes to all members who have been attending the reunion over the years. The Ex-students of National Medical College, Calcutta, organised their Reunion a year later. The Medical College and Nilratan Sircar Medical College followed us later.


I am very pleased to see that many young and fairly recently qualified ex-students of our college have joined our association. I would request them to come forward to take over the mantle from the feeble shoulders of the seniors and keep our Association alive and make our Reunion more vibrant and enjoyable.


Long live our Association and our Reunion.


Arun Day – Founder Member on behalf all the founder members.

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